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Businesses can also play thier part in supporting the principles of fair trade and Fairtrade products by converting into a Fairtrade Workplace. Many local business have already made this important step by providing and using Fairtrade products in thier staff rooms and staff canteens.

Lots of useful information on how to become a Fairtrade Workplace is available from the Fairtrade at work website ( which is also listed in the links pages. This website provides information on the many caterers who offer Fairtrade products, why Fairtrade is important and what is means to both your staff and customers. There is also a game of Fairtrade Sudoku for everyone to try.

Those businesses that have already made the decision to support Fairtrade are:

Advantica Technologies Ltd


Fisher Scientific Ltd

3M Health Care

Charnwood Borough Council

Loughborough University

Whittaker Office Supplies

Esit Ltd

Henry Ford College

Fresh Pak

Office of Andy Reed MP


If  you're business is a Fairtrade Workplace, we at CAFF would love to hear from you so we can add you to our growing list. Just drop us a line at

If you're think about becoming a Fairtrade Workplace just take a look at the Fairtrade at Work website for some helpful ideas.

Charnwood - A Fairtrade Borough since 2006

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