Charnwood - a Fairtrade Borough

The status of Fairtrade Town, Borough or City is awarded to a particular geographical area by the Fairtrade Foundation, who control the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark shown below. 



The purpose of a Fairtrade Town, Borough or City is to contribute to the Fairtrade Foundation's aim of tackling poverty by enabling disadvantaged producers from poor countries to receive a better deal, through encouraging support for the FAIRTRADE Mark. 


Charnwood was awarded the status of Fairtrade Borough by the Fairtrade Foundation in March 2006. The award was presented by Silver Atwoki-Kasoro an Ugnadan Fairtrade Tea Producer during Fairtrade Fortnight (shown below).

In order to gain Fairtrade Borough status five keys goals had to be met.

These goals were that:

  • Charnwood Borough Council passes a resolution supporting Fairtrade 

    A range of (at least two) Fairtrade products are readily available in the area's shops. Fairtrade products are served in local cafes/catering establsihments

    Fairtrade products are used by a number of local work places (estate agents, hairdressers etc) and community organisations (churches, schools etc)

    Media coverage and popular support should be gained for the campaign for Fairtrade Borough status

    A local Fairtrade Steering Group is convened to ensure continued commitment to its Fairtrade Borough status. 

These goals were achieved in March 2006. 

Gaining Fairtrade Borough status isn't the end of the story however. To maintain our status we must submit an annual report to the Fairtrade Foundation to show that we are continuing to promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade in the borough.

Charnwood - A Fairtrade Borough since 2006

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